The purpose of this website is to correlate various historical information in both text and media format of the Irish Football Association and it’s international teams i.e. Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Source: Barry Rojack

Source: Barry Rojack

Whether you are reading reports or watching highlights about matches you vaguely remember from your childhood, or matches played long before you were born, I hope you find plenty of interest!

Also carried out was a substantial survey among fans who voted for their Greatest Ever Irish Football Association side. Other polls are also available to vote on.

There are six sections to this website. To view them please click on the links below or use the menu above.

If you spot any errors, or have any other comments or questions, please leave a comment at the bottom of the appropriate article.

Sources are credited where possible. If you feel due credit has not been given, please get in contact and we will try to rectify that as soon as possible.

In the case of links to third-party websites, the content of these sites is the sole responsibility of their respective owners/providers.

Thank-you goes to the following people who have kindly granted permission to reuse their articles and/or media within this blog.


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